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Fishing the Bow River

There were some east slopes cutthroat trout and bull trout residing in the river as Calgary developed into a city. The rainbows were, by good fortune, put in the Bow River back in the twenties. These former Mcleod river (California) stocks were on their way to Banff National Park when an train accident occurred delaying them from being stocked in the park lakes. The ultimate desiccation of the trout was prevented when someone suggested releasing the cargo of trout into the river, the Bow River. A few years later a British gentleman released brown trout into the river.

Both species survived many decades in the river and have become the dominant residents. Flowing through Calgary the river provides water for the citizens. Several reservoirs were constructed along its flow during the forties. Industries were established in Calgary and they required water and labor.

The oil boom and support manufacturing caused Calgary to expand and grow into a major center of almost 750,000 population. The Bow River developed as a result of Calgary's growth. In the early years untreated sewage had been released in the river changing its character from freestone to almost chalk stream. With the artificial enrichment and nutrients the grasses grew and create a place for new and fertile bio mass development attracting insects and allowing the fish to achieve rapid growth.

Environmental concerns forced the city fathers to protect the river from industry and pollution and the result has been improved sewage treatment and careful monitoring of all industrial areas and the establishment of the storm drain marking program called the Yellow Fish Road.

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