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2008/09 Trip reports and Newsletters

July 15, 2009

Early Summer Report
Well it seems that the spring / early summer floods have failed to appear at the river. Fishing has been STELLAR for weeks, and if you haven't planned on coming down, don't waste another minute. We've got some choice days available, and I'd love to see you on the boat!

Spanking the banks and swinging nymphs has been producing extraordinary fish for the past few weeks. Don't wait another minute!


May 9-15, 2009

What a week! Great water, terrible weather. Rainy, windy, but we've caught a few fish daily and have had good hatches of midges and some mayflies.

Temperatures are coming up - May 02 we were running at about 47F, by the 6th we were up to 51F.

Some flies have been producing. The 'red' hook, woolly buggers (olive), black and marilyn, olive lightning bugs, and Whitlock's red squirrel. It's been a week of swinging flies, fishing indicators and spanking the bank.

April, 2009 - Spring Specials, and the Amazing Bow River

I'm sad to report that I have been de-throned as the Reigning Northern Lights Fly Tyers "Iron Fly Tyer" for 2009. After some great competition and only a Bungie Cord between myself and a comback victory, I was shuffled aside and saw the trophy in the hands of Rick LeBlanc from Edmonton. Gotta give these young pups their day in the sun right?

Trout are actively feeding, and the Calgary runoff is colouring up the water in the later parts of the day. Spring fishing is shaping up to be great! With the Cabin Fever special running in early April - I'm looking forward to seeing some new faces in the boat. Give me a call because there are a number of great openings looking for someone like you!.

I'd love to introduce you to my Bow River. There are plenty of guides on the water, and I know many if not most of them personally. All good people, and I've had the pleasure to share my river with many of them. Consider this your personal invitation to see what the Bow is all about! Spend a day on the River, with me as your personal guide.

Call today!

-- Barry 780.475.7502 CEL: 780.999.0695

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