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Big water and the largest, toughest, wildest Trout in North America

Bow River Anglers

Fly Fishing Instruction

Learning to cast a fly does not have to be as hard as most people make out to be. I would like to thank two people who back in 1979 took some time and gave me a hand to improve my teaching and casting techniques.

The first is Lefty Kreh, while at a Trout Unlimited function in Edmonton he demonstrated that casting a fly was fun and did not have to be frustrating. Denise Maxwell is the other person that I would like to thank. Both showed that patience, clear demonstration and a gentle hand were the tools to good coaching. They gave me my wings and two decades of practice later I am able to help anyone willing to listen and practice.

There is also the fly fishing aspect beyond the casting. Knowing a little about entomology, reading the tickle on the water, knots, the tackle and equipment. Spending time with a qualified instructor will save you time and money. Time spent in frustration because the fly rod was not working for you. Money wasted on time and fuel used travel to the fishing areas. Money wasted because the equipment was of poor design and quality that you were forced to expend so much effort to achieve low results.

Private Instruction

I will be available for private instruction and one of the best ways is a day float trip with me on the Bow River. If your time permits then you will receive excellent instruction on the water and you will have a chance to catch trout at the same time. Instruction is the first step to becoming a better fly fisherman but practice and repetition will create experience.

If time is a factor and you require a short course on casting and wish private instruction, contact us.

One Day Clinics

The clinic is designed to introduce the participants to the art of fly fishing. We will cover fly casting and the more important terminology, equipment, techniques and insects (entomology). Our class is located on the shores of the Bow River and clinics are scheduled throughout the season.

Start time: 1:00PM until 6:30PM. Subjects:
  • Equipment
  • Reading Water
  • Entomology
  • Fly Casting
  • Knots
Equipment is provided or you can bring your own.

For times, rates, and availability - contact us.

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